The Royal Affair


What time do you arrive?

Our standard arrival time is 6.30pm and we are yours until 12.30am. If you would like this time to be extended, we would be more than happy to accommodate this for you for a small, additional hourly rate. Of course, these times will differ if you have us booked for an afternoon acoustic set.

Do we have to provide sound or lighting equipment?

Absolutely not – we want to make booking us as simple as possible; for that reason, we are completely self contained. You don’t need to provide anything other than a good electrical supply for us to plug our equipment into. We carry an industry standard PA system and a range of LED lighting for the stage and dance area.

How many are in the band?

There are eight of us in the band. Our lineup consists of both male and female lead vocals, female backing vocals, bass guitar, electric guitar, keyboards drums, trumpet and saxophone. We also use some live tracks to allow us to create a bigger sound in the same way that most touring bands do.

Are you able to play in venues with noise limiters?

Put simply, yes we are, but they’re not ideal. More and more venues are having them installed, so we are finding ways to make sure that we are prepared for this. As long as we know the sound limitations in your venue well in advance, we’ll be able to prepare accordingly and make sure that the gear we bring is appropriate for your venue.

How much do you cost?

Because of the vast range of circumstances we have to take in to account (travel, dates, size of venue, PA requirements etc…) we do not have a fixed price. However, our prices do start from as little as £1400. Please use the contact page to request a quotation via email.

What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay your balance by either Card or Bank Transfer. Our standard payment terms are a 50% deposit with the balance being due 28 days before the wedding. We do also offer two different payment plans which allow you to spread the cost of the booking into either monthly payments or into 4 equal payments between the date of confirmation and the month prior to the wedding. These are completely interest free and because it’s a payment plan rather than credit, doesn’t require a credit search or affect your Experian rating.

How long does it usually take you set up for a performance?

It usually takes us around an hour to set up and have a quick sound check. That’s from the time we get access to the venue to the time we’ve finished sound check and are ready to start the disco.

Do you take song requests?

We invariably choose our live set on the night, as we go, according to the crowd in front of us. This allows us to use our expertise and experience to pack your dance floor. That said if you have any specific favourites from our current repertoire list, you’d be welcome to choose a selection and we’ll do our best to make sure these are included for you. In respect of the disco set, you’re very welcome send some songs over in advance and we’ll make sure that they’re all on the playback system and included during the course of the night if they’re not already on there.